Benevolence Request Form

The purpose of the Benevolence Fund is to provide financial aid to an individual who is in need on an urgent basis. The Benevolence Fund may not be applicable for case(s) which need long-term financial support. The Church has the right to adjust or decline an applicant’s request and may consider providing assistance other than monetary help.

Applicants are not granted financial assistance based on relationships between church leaders or being a significant church contributor. The church does not discriminate between applicants based upon race, color, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, age, geographic territory or disability.

Benevolence Qualifications

  • Member and active Giver
  • Benevolence funds can only be granted based on the merit of the application of the requestor to meet the primary short-term needs. These needs are defined as those necessary for physical, emotional, and spiritual survival resulting from a natural disaster. These needs are as follows: utilities, rent, etc.
  • Benevolence funds cannot be granted for the following:
    • Legal fees (includinglawyerfees,bail,courtfees,trafficviolations,etc.)
  • Benevolence funds can only be granted to a requestor or requestor’s immediate family one time during a 12 month period after assistance has been approved and paid.
  • Assistance may be provided in the form of goods or service. The type of aid that is appropriate depends on the individual’s need and available resources.
  • A maximum of $250 is available for assistance toward approved applications.
  • If the applicant requests an amount greater than $250 for a specific need, the applicant must provide proof that the difference between the requested amount and the $250 monetary assistance will be met by the applicant.
  • In some cases that meet the specified requirements, an amount greater than $250 may be approved by the Citygate Church Finance Team.

Benevolence Fund Parameters

  • Completed forms will be reviewed by the Citygate Church Finance Team. The team will provide a final decision within 7 – 10 business days of receipt of the completed applicant’s form.
  • The applicant will be contacted by the Lead Care Pastor with the final decision or a request for additional information. Please allow for a 7–10 business day window to expire before inquiring about the status of the application.
  • At the discretion of the Finance Team, documentation regarding income, personal bank statements and expenses may be requested. The Finance Team may also request to speak directly to the vendor/business/service provider.
  • If approved, a check will be distributed, preferably to the vendor/business/service provider for which the applicant owes funds.

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